Let’s Do a Freedom Dinner Together!

Kelly started the Freedom Dinners 5 years ago and has learned a few tricks along the way. She would love to walk along side you as you plan your Dinner!

Here are the Requirements for Community Hosts:

  • Our biggest request is that you join our Freedom Dinner Community by committing to host at least 3 dinners in the months following your initial dinner. What we’ve found is that the more dinners we host, the more people there are that want to be involved, AND the more people that hope to sit at the table!

  • You and your community are hosting the dinner, that means all costs, supplies and goods will be provided by your community.

  • You will want to connect with people who can provide the following skills and/or donations:

    • Location

    • Tables & Chairs

    • Decor

    • Dishware, Goblets, Utensils, Serving Dishes ect.

    • Catering, a food truck or someone to ‘own’ the kitchen

    • Flowers/Florist

    • Linens/napkins

    • Design work for menus, name cards and signage

    • Wineries or local beverage companies (coffee houses, mobile drink carts…)

    • Volunteers to set up, serve at the dinner and clean up (there is A LOT of clean up)

  • Freedom Dinners are designed to give your community a way to gather and support Rescue:Freedom Int. We have the donation page all set up for you, but you’ll need a way to receive money/ticket reservations for the actual event. Donations are key, but the ticket price is essential in covering extra costs. Once all costs are covered all of the proceeds will be sent to Rescue:Freedom Int via our Freedom Dinner Donation Page.

  • Along with helping your community to start Freedom Dinners we also ask that you connect us to a few local churches or organizations that would like to have Kelly come speak. She has several different message topics and is happy to work with the Church or Organization on that.


If you’re ready to dive in let’s talk!

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