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5 Reasons You NEED a Day of Wedding Coordinator

Whether you're planning a grand affair or a simple garden wedding, you will be so thankful for your investment in a Day of Coordinator. If your budget is tight, then brainstorm a family member or friend who is all about details and ask them to assist you. Here are our top 5 reasons why you NEED a Day of Wedding Coordinator!

1 :: Be a Bride

Even the most organized, check list checking, map making, excel sheet budgeting bride STILL wants to simply be a Bride on her wedding day. The challenge comes with the fact that you and your fiance have spent months planning all of the details and now the day has arrived and who has all the answers? You do! Day of Wedding Coordinators walk along side you as you plan. You still make all of the decisions, they simply get to be informed on all of the details so they can know exactly what you're hoping for, what you've communicated to vendors, how you want tables arranged, set up and decorated. Your Day of Coordinator becomes the go to question answering guru so you can slip into that beautiful gown, with the only worry being to smile and enjoy.

2 :: What about...

You have literally thought through every minute of your day. You and your fiance have had countless conversations over the colors and wedding music, vows and guest lists. You've looked at the details for so long that it all makes perfect sense to you. But the big question still hangs in the air, will it all go as planned? Having a Day of Wedding Coordinator will give you a chance to talk through the day with someone who has an outside perspective. They can help you clarify any questions, and your conversations might just shine a light on areas that may have been overlooked. Your prep meetings before the big day will be your chance to transfer all of the planning details over so you can focus on the things that still need to be done.

3 :: What Time is It?

It's your wedding day, and as you're putting the final touches on your make up and having a special moment with your Mom, at your first look and walking down the aisle, cutting the cake and first dances the last thing you want on your mind is 'what time is it? are we on schedule?'. Your Day of Coordinator will keep everything moving forward. They will be the liaison between the officiant and bridal party, cuing everyone when everything is set for the ceremony. They'll be the one connecting with the DJ or MC to make sure the reception is flowing at a nice pace. If your venue has you on a tight time schedule your Day of Coordinator will help the wedding to flow smoothly within the given time slot.

3 :: Where are they?

Everyone is lining up to walk down the aisle, but where are the flower girls? It's time to take photos with the bridal party but where did the best man go? Okay, lets move on to the family photos, but where is your Dad? The day of your wedding includes so many lovely people that you want to fully enjoy the day with. You don't want to be the one corralling the family members for photos, or making sure that everyone is lined up properly for the walk down the aisle! Your Day of Wedding Coordinator is there to help manage the family and bridal party, making sure they are at the right place at the right time. And when the question arises, where are they? I bet your Coordinator will already be locating them.

5 :: Cinderella Syndrome

Your wedding day celebration is coming to a close and your happily running through the sparkler tunnel when you realize you didn't tell anyone where to put the vases once it's cleaned up, did you ask anyone to clean up? Do you stay and help? Not a chance! When you have a Day of Coordinator, they will be in charge of making sure the bridal party and family members, or your clean up crew, know exactly what needs to be put away, where it goes and how to close down the party in record time. So, jump in your carriage and go enjoy your honeymoon!





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