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Home of the Freedom Dinners. We exist to give freedom by creating beautiful community.

The Shop

The Shop

We're creating a Virtual Shop just for you. Imagine it with white brick walls, rustic wood floors, a hint of cinnamon in the air and space for you at our table. Welcome to the newest branch of CiderPress Lane - drumroll please - our online SHOP! 

I can barely contain my excitement! This shop represents so many reasons why I love what we get to do. Here are just a few of them.

FREEDOM : This remains the heartbeat of it all. There is immense power in leveraging what we love as a way to fight for freedom. Since our first Dinner at CiderPress Lane we have been looking for more opportunities to take all of the lovely bits of our life and connect them to ways to give back. Now, we want to help you leverage your table, your dinners and your celebrations as a way to give freedom. The shop is joining our story with 10% of our proceeds going directly to Rescue:Freedom Int.

PARTNERING : Bottom line, we're stronger together. This is true in every aspect of life and what we've found is that our lives are a powerful tool when we work together. Our dollars in the marketplace have the ability to create jobs where people can make a fair wage, which in turn allows them to make a living that gives dignity and hope for a new future. This piece is incredibly important, we will be continually looking for businesses that provide items that are ethically sourced and handcrafted. We are standing firm on this because we believe that by supporting artisans locally and globally your tabletop can give back too!


ETHICALLY SOURCED : This is a Biggie!! Buying pieces from artisans that are working in healthy environments and paid living wages is our number 1 priority. Every piece in our shop is tied to a story of an artist that is using their craft to support their life. This isn't mass production, this is truly from the artist to your table which means the products you are receiving are one of kind. It means that your dollars are making an enormous impact. 

HANDCRAFTED : I'm a sucker for statement pieces big and small. My style is defnitely eclectic with a mix of vintage and modern, metals and wood which meant that finding hand crafted items to fit our table is tricky! Especially since it is a non negotiable for us that every item must be ethically made. But guess what, there is a new style of business emerging that is focused on creating jobs, woodworking shops and businesses that give freedom and those are the ones we have sought out. Over the coming months we'll be featuring the stories behind these pieces which I know will make you fall in love with them even more.

BEAUTY : We've looked high and low to find ethically handcrafted items that also fit perfectly with the CiderPress Lane style. Plus, know what I love? They mix and match so beautifully! You can create a full table scape, appetizer board or small bites set up and know that every item was handcrafted for you by dear women around the world who have a new life because of their business. You can sit at the table knowing that it was crafted specifically for you by a local workshop. You can cap your bottle of wine knowing that your dollars do make a difference.

Our story has grown around our table which is why we are so glad to have you joining us. Together we are giving freedom in the most beautiful way. We are creating a world that is focused on people and the power that is found in us gathering together. Cheers to dinner and products that are changing the world!

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