The Perfect Holiday Meal

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Is your house filling up with friends and family this week? Are you staring in your fridge thinking, what in the world am I going to feed these people? We've got you covered. As we were enjoying this meal last weekend I kept saying, "We have to share this menu!" It's easy to prep, easy to finish off the day of and you'll love having a fridge full of leftovers. And guess what, we're going to give you one of our favorite appetizer recipes from our book Dinner Changes Everything. If you love this recipe, you'll devour the rest of the book ;) Here is everything you need to create a delicious Rustic Italian Dinner for your group.

Appetizers :

Charcuterie Board - Merlot Soaked Cheese, Italian Salami + crackers of your choice

Balsamic Grape Crostini with Blue Cheese (from our book Dinner Changes Everything - the recipe is below)

Main Dish : 

Creamy Soft Polenta with Meat Ragu

Roasted Cherry Tomato Caprese

Brussel Sprouts with Pine Nuts and Bacon

Dessert : 

Italian Almond Pear Cake

We'll definitely be making this menu again - and serving it up with some of our favorite salad tongs, ladleappetizer boards and serving bowls. Isn't it grand when filling your table fills your heart, belly and helps someone at the same time. 10% of all of our proceeds go to fight human trafficking, plus everything in our shop employs artisans locally and globally. Together dinner really is changing everything. 

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