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5 Ways Your Favorite Thing Can Change the World

5 Ways Your Favorite Thing Can Change the World

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Change the World? Yikes, that's a scary statement. I'm not ready to fly off to Zimbabwe, or live with nothing, I don't have time to change the world. You're not alone. I used to think I needed to create something new and extravagant to change the world. Until I realized that the things I loved to do were the most powerful part of my life.

This meant I didn't have to create a new business, or project, I didn't need to travel around the world, all I really needed to do was be me and do the things that brought me joy. 

Sounds too simple, I know. It felt too simple. It still shocks me how doing what you love has the power to change communities. I've found that when we pour ourselves into the things we love it changes us in more ways than we can express. Get ready, you're going to have the best time doing what you love and living life to the fullest. 

 1. It Shapes YOUR Purpose

Changing the world sounds big and lofty, I know. Let's start right here in your world, your community, your home, your life. When you decide to go after the things you love, to make more space to do what brings you joy, it changes how you feel about life.


If you're like me, you can't fight the feeling.

If you look at your days and weeks and feel just blah about life in general you'll be fighting the feelings day in and day out. EXHAUSTING, that's what that is.

Now think about how you feel when you're doing something you love : hiking, painting, sewing, creating, gardening, drawing... You name it, now name that feeling... it's called fulfillment. 

When you take action to do more of what you love (or even something you think you kind of like), your life will take shape around that and the feeling of purpose will take root. We're all created to be and do activities and jobs that fulfill us. It's that feeling of being fulfilled that gives purpose - and living with purpose is powerful.

2. It Changes YOUR Perspective

When you start doing more of what you love (especially in ways that connect you to people) it moves you out of the center. It allows you to see others better. It allows you to see how you can help. 

Now you have a clear idea of the biggest impact you can make. If you love to paint, then help someone paint. If you love to garden, then help them garden. If you love organizing, then help someone organize. You get the idea.

Your perspective about your own life changes when you've landed on your purpose. Now you have direction, you know where you want to spend your time, you know how you can help others. Your perspective on your life shifts to thinking about how you can connect, help and be with others by doing what you love.

Get this! : this is the best way that you'll be able to teach your kids to love on others! When they see you excited to cook dinner to help a friend, or make a card to bless someone, or give someone a hand with their project they'll see you living a life of joy by being YOU! 

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3. It Attracts Others

This is all about like minded people coming together, and the more you spend time doing the things you love the more you will find your people. And what could be more important than this!

When you find where you 'fit' it frees you up to fully be you.

BONUS : when you find where you fit you realize you are not alone. It opens up opportunities to partner with other like minded folks. Finding your fit is where you find community and that deep longing for connection.

When you find your fit it is MAGNETIC. People are drawn to those that are like them. People are captivated by those that are living out a life full of fulfillment and purpose.


4. It Multiplies

Sometimes we start doing what we love and it turns into a business, but that's not the kind of multiplying I'm talking about. Multiplication does not necessarily mean money, or visual success. This is about multiplying a life of purpose. 

When you take action to do what you love, you free other's up to do the same. Maybe they'll find their place next to you, maybe it will inspire them to go after their own thing, maybe it will be your kids seeing what you do and being inspired to do their own thing.

The most encouraging message you'll receive is someone saying I saw you doing .... and it inspired me to find my place too.

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5. It Is Your Loudest Voice

You can tell your people until you are blue in the face that it's important to be themselves, it's important to find what you love but until they SEE you doing it, it won't sink in! 

What you do is louder than any words you speak.

Your action is your loudest voice. 

When you choose to spend your time creating a life of joy, it speaks.

When you choose to use the things you love to help others, it speaks.

Talk about empowering! You now have a tangible, put your hands to work, way to help. Sure this world has big evil - but you have a powerful tool to fight it : you, doing what you love, to love on others.

It really all comes down to that. Our families and communities need us loving on them in every nook and cranny, in every sport and art, in every library and on the mountaintops - find your spot.

I found mine at our table, inviting our community to join us.

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Changing the world starts right here where you are, no passport required.

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