this book gives freedom: 10% of all proceeds are donated to Rescue Freedom Int.

Dinner Changes Everything

the complete guide: how to feed your community and change the world

Menus + Recipes + Stories

"I've never read a cookbook from cover to cover, I could not put it down"  -Marnie Clark, Inspired You

"...every page is stunning, full of gorgeous photos and delicious food"  -Casey Crane

"I can't stop looking through the book. It is so beautiful. The story, the photos, the recipes." -Tanya Hebert


"this book will make you want to live in Silverdale, the stories of how this community is working together draw you in..."


We had this crazy idea...

What if by sharing dinner together, we could change the world? Yep, it was a crazy thought, but guess what? It's working! Dinner Changes Everything is the story of how our community has taken our dinner table and turned it into a tool to fight injustice. It's not just a story though, it is the Ultimate Guide to help you host a dinner that makes a difference. Your table is waiting.

We believe in real food, straight from local gardens and farms...but more than that, we believe in the community that comes when people gather for dinner. Dinner Changes Everything is full of complete menus, recipes, and timelines to make hosting your next dinner party a breeze.

If you are hosting your family for the holidays, you will LOVE this book. No need to worry over the menu or try to figure out how to get all of the food prepped and ready on time. We have all the details laid out for you.

Need a perfect gift for the cook in your life? BINGO! Christmas shopping done. And here's the added bonus, your gift is making a difference! 10% of all proceeds from CiderPress Lane are donated to to Rescue:Freedom Int. Together we are giving hope and freedom to those caught in human trafficking.

Lets start cooking together! We want to hear all about the adventures happening around your table, so tag @ciderpresslane and join the #dinnerchangeseverything community. Together we are changing the world.

*10% of all proceeds are donated to Rescue:Freedom Int.