Dinners with CiderPress Lane

3 years ago we had a crazy idea. What if by having dinner with friends we could fight human trafficking? Guess what - the crazy idea is working, and here's how. 

(Guess What! - We also offer private dinners, click here for more info)



Every dollar raised from the dinners is donated to Rescue:Freedom Int. These dinners started out of a simple desire to use what we love as a tool to fight human trafficking. They continue to be just that. A volunteer opportunity to change lives through a meal, and together we've raised over $15,000! 



The dinners bring together a collection of friends, family, neighbors, the people we work with, go to the Y with, parents of our kid's friends, friends from Facebook and Instagram, friends from college, and family visiting...in a nutshell, the people that we do life with. I bet there's a spot for you too - click below for more details.



Since the table is always full, there is always a need for more hands to help. Whether you have a commercial kitchen, can wash dishes, set tables, move chairs, grow veggies in your garden, or flowers in your yard, maybe you want to donate the extra salmon in your freezer or wine from your cellar - basically, we would love to have you involved.