Invite Only 40th Birthday Dinner

Invite Only 40th Birthday Dinner


We are hosting a special Invite Only Birthday Style Freedom Dinner

Friday November 16

6pm here in our home, CiderPress Lane.

I would love to have you sitting at the table with me as I celebrate turning the BIG 40!!

We are putting together an incredible team from our community that will be using everything they do from hand lettering, to homemade desserts, fresh flowers to fresh veggies. I haven’t decided on all of the details yet but I can tell you that the menu will be filled with my fall favorites... I’m still deciding what I want for my Birthday Dinner!

  • Butter Toasted Sage Cheese Dip

  • Butternut Squash Soup

  • Hand Made Chicken Pot Pie

Oh My…menu to be decided on SOON!

It is going to be a beautiful night of community and I would love to save seats for you, your girlfriends, your hubby, whoever you’d like! You invite your people and we'll provide an amazing evening.

The best part is that the proceeds from this dinner are going directly to Rescue:Freedom Int to aid in the fight against human trafficking. Our time at the table is giving freedom!

You may buy as many seats as you need! (there are 20 seats total)

*once you register you will receive an email with more details for the evening.

**you are welcome to give donations above and beyond the seat price. You can do so at our Rescue:Freedom Campaign Page. Every dollar donated via this page goes directly to the women and children in need!!

***we work all of our community connections to cover the costs so that as much of the money can go to the women and children who need it most. Most dinners we are able to donate 50% or more of the ticket sales…we’ll keep you posted on how much this dinner raises!

Once you click ‘Purchase My Seat’ go to the cart in the upper right hand corner to complete the transaction.

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