Ciderpress Lane Apron

Ciderpress Lane Apron


Whether you are whipping up a batch of cookies, prepping for a big dinner or have your hands deep in the garden you will love our handcrafted linen apron.

It is easy to put on, has big pockets for phones, bottle openers, flower snips and more, plus it's super versatile. There aren't any strings to tie so just slip the criss cross back over your head and start cooking. The soft linen and ticking stripe is easy to move in and looks classy with just about anything!

This is a true one size fits all. The criss cross strap design allows for the apron to flow and sit on every body type comfortably. 

33 inches long x 41 inches wide

Each apron is handcrafted by Alicia Starkenburg, the same local seamstress that designed it from start to finish.

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