August 23 Freedom Dinner

August 23 Freedom Dinner


Freedom Dinner with Ciderpress Lane

We’re getting all of the little details finalized for this dinner and will have the full list of the menu and who will be providing what shortly!

*This dinner will be held in Silverdale, WA. Location details will be sent to you once your ticket sales are confirmed.

It is incredible what we can do together. Since starting the Freedom Dinners our community has continued to show up offering their best with such willing hearts to be part of fighting Human Trafficking.

What is a Freedom Dinner? At the most basic level a Freedom Dinner is a community Pot Luck. I know, you’ve never seen a pot luck look quite so elegant! We found that after we started inviting friends and family to join us for these dinners more and more people from the community who were growing gardens, running bakeries, making wine, raising oysters and chickens, growing flowers and everything in between wanted to be involved! So we opened the invitation to the community to be on the team providing the different elements of the dinner, the decor, gathering at the table and helping with all of the details from set up, serving and clean up.

Every person involved with these dinners is a volunteer. This is a shared meal at it’s finest. We do our best to invite everyone to help so as much of the ticket sales as possible can be donated directly to Rescue:Freedom Int. Whether you can donate the salads, grow amazing flowers, provide beverages or be a guest at the table - everyone is needed.

Each Freedom Dinner is unique with appetizers, main dishes, desserts and beverages being made by different individuals or provided by different businesses. The invitation is open to everyone because we all have a way to be involved, we all have a gift to offer and together we’re fighting injustice by gathering at the table.

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