Set of 4 Spice Spoons

Set of 4 Spice Spoons


These little spoons get used every time we set up our appetizer table or a spot for coffee and tea. They are perfect for little sauces, spices, sugar and cream. They pair perfectly with our Soapstone Side Bowls or the Kuni Mortar & Pestle. Kenyan artisans carve these spoons from scraps of wild olive wood. By using as much of harvested trees as possible, Kenyan artisans commit to conserving this slow-growing tree for future generations.


Size: 5"L x 1"W x 0.5"T
Sold as a set of 4. 

*Each item is handcrafted, which means variations may occur between two of the same product.

10% of all proceeds are donated to Rescue:Freedom

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