Space to Listen : Dream Catcher Gathering

Space to Listen : Dream Catcher Gathering


The yearly seasons have a beautiful way of slowing us down - it’s called Winter. But what happens when it’s not winter any more? Is there a way for us to build into our daily, weekly and monthly rhythms a way to continually create space?

One of the BIG white fluffy reasons I love winter is because its natural pace is slow. Just as the garden and orchard are dormant and resting, my heart and mind soak up the quieter evenings, the cozy nights by the fire, the mornings sipping coffee… shorter, slower days.

It’s this season we’ll be gathering around the table to discuss creating space. As we each take our seat we’ll be coming with hearts ready to pause, to listen, to rest in each other’s company and answer the questions - how can I create rhythms in my life that give me space? What does it look like for me to create rhythms that allow for space to create, space for rest, space to enjoy?

In a time where our success is measured by how much we accomplish I want to invite you into another way of living. Not where we throw off all of the responsibilities, work and good that we’re doing but instead a life that is centered on rhythms and space to breathe, listen and yes, rest.

Join me at my table for an evening of intentional conversation.

Let's gather face to face with other women from all across our communities to talk about creating rhythms in our lives. This will be an evening of unrushed time to savor simply being together.

I cannot wait to surround you with beauty and intention as you gather with me at my table.

The Details:

Location : I’m working on possibly a new venue and will have this posted soon! It will be in the Silverdale area!

*Exact location and directions will be sent after your ticket purchase is complete.

Each of the Dream Catcher Gatherings will have a different focus with this one being on rhythms of rest. Creating new rhythms in our life is challenging! I continually walk this road, refining what it looks like in each new season. Over the last few years I’ve found a few practical ways to create new rhythms of my own, I can’t wait to share these tools with you! 

The Timeline:


The evening will begin at 7 pm with sweet bites and refreshments, you’ll have a chance to mingle for a bit and then you'll be invited to the table for us to get started. I will spend the next 20 minutes sharing on the topic with open conversation for questions and further ideas and then we’ll move into a time to reflect and journal.

After the reflection time we’ll be ready to start sharing with each other. Talking through what our current rhythms are, what our ‘perfect day’ would look like and how to step from current daily habits into new ones.

The final reflection we will do before we wrap up the evening is creating space the next week to adopt one new rhythm, what it will look like for each of us and sharing with each other what challenges we think these new intentions will create.

Talking through the hurdles we can already see helps us mentally prepare for making changes - it helps us actually be more effective in adopting change! Being open and honest with each other builds in another layer of people believing in us that we can do what we’re setting out to do!

*The evening will officially end at 9:30   

* These evenings are open to any woman BUT Dream Catcher Community Members get a special discount PLUS the first chance at purchasing tickets. If you are not a Dream Catcher Community Member yet, come join us HERE! We are diving into content just like this every month and can’t wait to hear about what is on your heart.

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