Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner


Planning my weeks has turned into my super power. Sounds silly but it’s true. When I started being intentional with my days - one week at a time - I started to see HUGE gains toward the ideas and every day dreams my heart was dreaming over!

If you’re struggling to own your week and make a plan then let us help. We created this planner for the woman who feels like the days are slipping by, the tasks are piling up and she can barely find space for her own heart to dream.

You can write your to do list and top priorities for the day, your upcoming appointments and even your meal plan! (hello happy budget!) Once you’ve finished a week just rip off the page and move on to the next week. It’s designed to help you stay on track and focus on what’s next, while also helping you create space to plan towards your dream in your day to day life. I know this planner will be a game changer for you like it was for me!

Planner Measures: 8.5 x 5.5. with 50 pages

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