we love celebrating.

We're about people coming together to celebrate life. Sometimes it's big occasions like weddings and 50th birthdays, but most of the time it's just life together around a table that impacts us the most. It's there, in that community, that we find our meaning. CiderPress Lane began around a dinner table. We started doing what we loved and it grew into dinners, and events, a cookbook, and a design business that is focused on creating events that connect people.

We're so glad you're here to join us on this adventure!


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Our Story

Welcome to CiderPress Lane! Aaron and I are so glad you've stopped by. CiderPress Lane started as simply a fun name for our home, where we live a full and messy life with our kids Bella, Maddie and Parker. When we moved here we saw the orchard and decided this house needed a name, and CiderPress Lane was created! 4 years ago we started hosting community dinners in our backyard orchard as a way to raise funds to fight human trafficking. The dinners took off, and in turn our event design business was born. Our specialty is in creating weddings and dinners that are rich in atmosphere and beauty. CiderPress Lane is so much more than just a business though, it really is our life; full of ciderpressing, gardening, hiking, adventuring, remodeling, dinners, friends, family, loads of cooking and Jesus. We believe that God created us to live for more than just ourselves, it's in us following our hearts that we meet God in new ways. The door is always open, come hang out and tag us in your adventures!