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3 Reasons WHY Your Kids Need You To Do What You love

3 Reasons WHY Your Kids Need You To Do What You love

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Making time for yourself is hard. Making time to do what you love is even harder! Let the mom guilt rise up as you decide to spend time just on what you want to do. No lego building, barbie dressing required. Your kids need to see you doing what YOU love.

Believe me, I've been there! I still struggle with it at times. Somewhere either in our culture of our humanity, there is a nagging voice that says 'your kids need ALL of your attention. Don't let them think or feel like there is anything else that is more important than them.' 

That little voice can stop you dead in your tracks. Stop you from spending time doing the things you love. Stop you from investing in yourself. But get this, it's also stopping you from teaching your kids an incredible lesson that will be vital to them as they grow up. 

Do I love my kids dearly? You better believe it. But I also have this deep NEED to be creative, to cook, to grow flowers and fill our table with friends. Our kids have a deep need as well. They might not know what it is yet, and that's the point! You doing what you love is going to help them find it. Here's how.

1. It Teaches

This isn't about our kids doing exactly what we do - this is about them seeing that it's possible to use the things they like in a way that brings purpose to their lives. 

When they see you loving to sew or cook or garden or paint they will naturally want to give it a try to. They might even like it - but more than that it's teaching them to find the things they love. 

When our daughter Maddie said she wanted to do something like the freedom dinners we host, we talked through what she liked and landed on hosting a movie night for her to raise funds to build a well in Africa. 

We rounded up the gear, invited her friends and their families and this sweet little thing sat under the summer lights, watching a movie with her friends ... she got to see first hand that her life and what she loves can make a difference. 

2. It Shows 

When we allow our kids to see us making time to invest in ourselves and what we love, it shows them what it looks like to take care of themselves, to chase their dreams, to be true to who they are.

They see you learning new things, trying new projects and all along you're showing them that it's never too late to learn and grow. 

You are showing them that doing what you love is good and healthy.

You are showing them that doing what you love is important.

I don't know about you, but my mind tells me it's not important - that I should be getting things 'done' or playing dress up, or giving all my time volunteering for them. This has been a retraining of my mind. A continual reminder that investing in what I love IS investing in them!

3. It Inspires

When we dream over the things we like to do we give our kids permission to do the same. You're telling them with your actions that it's okay to be you!

You're inspiring them to figure out what they love and to look at it from a new perspective. They are seeing that if you can do it they can do something with what they love too. 

It inspires them to come up with their own crazy ideas. There's nothing quite like watching your kids grow into themselves. And when they figure out that they can use what they like to do to help others, wow...there's nothing quite like it.


But this all starts with you. Finding what you love. Making time for it, and inviting your kids along on the journey.

If you love to cook or host like I do, here is a link to download our How To Host a Dinner that Makes a Difference Guide. You'll be amazed at how powerful your every day love for cooking can be.

Cheers to living out the life you love WITH your family and kids!

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