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5 Ways to Savor Summer

5 Ways to Savor Summer

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1. Set up a Back Yard Camp Out

A few years ago my husband had the idea of doing a Last Day of School campout in our back yard. They get off the bus for the last time of the school year, we invite cousins and friends to come join us and we go into camping mode (with all the luxuries of home ;)

The best part is that once the tent is set up the kids end up using it all summer. 

Whether or not you have kids!! Host a backyard campout. It takes all the pressure off of hosting a perfect party or meal because hey, you're camping! Plus you don't have to pack the car up, fight crowds at busy campgrounds and you'll have a real shower and toilet when needed. This is glam camping at it's finest.

2. Enjoy your own Space

If you're anything like us, you work your fingers to the bone taking care of your yard, house, deck....but hmmm, it's hard to sit back and just enjoy it! Stop looking at the weeds, or the things that need to be fixed and kick your feet up and enjoy the space for what it is. A little patch of lovely just for you, that you're creating into your own oasis.

The best investment we made for our yard was a free standing hammock. It literally calls your name, inviting you to pick a patch to relax in. Need shade? No problem, move it. Need sun? Push it over to the sunny patch. Plus, I love peaking outside and seeing the kids curled up reading in it. It feels like that's what summer is all about. 

We chose a 2 person size with the spreader bar which makes it so comfy and easy to lounge with the kids. Plus I really wanted a quilted fabric instead of the traditional ropes, it has been one of the best investments for our own self care!

3. Set up a Table Outside

This might take a little work but it is worth it. There is something about eating outside that invites you to slow down. The house could be a mess, there might be dishes in the sink but once you're outside all of that can wait. Plus, if you have kids, eating outside is a double win because they can spill and drop everything they want...who cares! The squirrels will clean it up ;)

So create a little backyard oasis. One that is ready at a moments notice to grab food and go sit. We end up at our outdoor table for everything - coloring, crafting, eating, games. Find your spot, hang a string of lights or a couple lanterns, have fun creating your own space.

4. Invite Friends Over

There is no better way to enjoy life then by spending time with people. It forces you to pause, share what's happening, talk about good times, funny stories, and all of that creates space to really savor summer together. 

Since you've done the work to enjoy your yard and set up a table, you mine as well invite friends to come enjoy it with you! Here are a few more tips on how to make hosting outdoor dinners easy, and how to embrace the impromptu last minute dinner!

5. Make Pitchers of Drinks

This might seem silly but there is something about grabbing a pitcher of a fresh summer drink out of your fridge that makes summer feel complete. Making a pitcher says I'm expecting to sit and just enjoy, it says I'm expecting to be ready for when a friend comes by, it makes it possible to go sit in your hammock or enjoy your outdoor space without having to go back inside for refills. A pitcher of your favorite summer spritzers says, I'm ready to savor summer.

A few of my favorite summer drinks are : 

- Coconut Oolong Iced Tea : if you're local you can find this in the bulk tea section at Central Market. It is amazing!

- Mint Lime Spritzer : Make a mint simple syrup (1 cup sugar + 1 cup water, bring to a simmer for 1 minute or until the sugar is completely dissolved. Remove from the heat and add in a large handful of fresh mint. Set aside to cool. Once cooled remove the mint and use as needed in drinks!) Mix fresh lime juice with the mint simple syrup, add in sparkling water, a few slices of lime and fresh mint and you've got a killer spritzer to share.


Cheers to Savoring the Summer friends! We have lots more recipes and inspiration in our FairTrade Shop and our very own Cookbook - And tell me, what's your favorite way to savor this time of year?

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