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SURPRISE! Kate Spade Inspired Party

SURPRISE! Kate Spade Inspired Party

Incorporating bold lines, gold, white and pink gives you endless options for decor. Here's a little glimpse at the Surprise 40th Birthday celebration we created with the help of Unique & Chic and Saleina Marie Photography

Before we get into all of the details, lets talk about the why. Why do we spend so much time putting together decor and details for an event? The decor and details create an atmosphere and atmosphere is everything! But it isn't all that matters. The memory from an event or time in your life isn't just about the things that are around you...it's the people and spirit behind all of it. And that is why we do what we do, it's about people and bringing them together. You can have the most elaborate flowers and decor but honestly none of it matters if the people that are most important to you aren't a part of the celebration.

So, before you start planning anything...start with this, are your people free to be at the party? Pick a date that works for as many folks as possible. Then set your budget, and here's the tricky part...STICK TO IT! There will always be more ideas and the 'bigger and better' bug will for sure come to bite. In listing the decor needed to create this look you'll find that it's listed in order from most important to least. You'll even see some ideas on where to shop!

Surprise! Kate Spade Inspired Party
Surprise! Kate Spade Inspired Party
Surprise! Kate Spade Inspired Party

Want to know a little secret? You don't have to buy the most expensive decor in order for everything to look classy and upscale. When you stick with a color scheme or theme, it's amazing how even items from local thrift stores or sale shelves can look upscale when grouped together. Don't blow your budget because you have to have everything name brand. Pick a few key items and then supplement with pieces that work for your budget.

Lets get started!

When planning an event I break everything down into 'elements'. For example if you'll have an appetizer table set up, that is 1 element. Others would be the drink area, the gift table, dinner tables, photo booth and so on. Then for each element you will create a list of absolutely EVERYTHING you need to create the look. Work from the ground up. For example:

Appetizer Table:

  • table
  • table cloth
  • 3 different height boxes or risers to put under the cloth to add height to the different appetizers
  • gold & white table runner
  • lace table runner
  • gold accent runner
  • globe lights on the table
  • 5 various sized gold votive candle holders, with candles
  • 1 large candelabra, with taper candles
  • 1 large flower arrangement, pink flowers
  • 2 smaller vases with pink flowers
  • 3 serving trays for appetizers, with any necessary serving utensils
  • appetizer napkins
  • appetizers


Why create such a detailed list? Because then you don't have to worry about forgetting a thing. When you are shopping and collecting everything you'll be able to look at each element of your event and know what is still needed, check it off once you have it, and then all the worry about forgetting items can be alleviated. This is especially important if you are bringing all of the items with you to a venue or different location.

Here's our official check list for creating this

Kate Spade inspired Gold + White + Pink Design

  • White linen table cloths, large enough to fall to the floor on all sides
  • Gold + White oil cloth in 2.5 feet wide runners
  • Cream lace in 1.5 foot wide runners
  • Gold fabric in 1 foot wide runners **be sure to measure your tables so that each of these table runners will drape all the way to the floor on both ends
  • Milk Glass vases, 1 for each table
  • Pink flowers: roses or peonies
  • Brass or Gold taper candle holders at varying heights, 5 per 12 person table
  • Gold mercury glass votive candle holders, 5 per 12 person table
  • Candles, white taper and tea lights
  • Globe lights to weave around appetizer and drink tables, plus more if you can hang them above the seating areas

Now you get to be creative on how you utilize all of these pieces for your event! Post your photos and tag us @ciderpresslane We would love to see what you are up to.

Do you need help deciding on or figuring out what else you need? Comment below, we'd love to help you sort out all of the details!

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