Floral Workshop

ciderpress lane floral workshop-2.png

When Carolyn and I first met we realized we were both dreamers - which makes us a crazy pair since we're continually dreaming up new ways to work together!

Then when her lovely husband Pip agreed to let us use his woodworking shop we jumped at the chance to create a floral workshop on how to arrange centerpieces - mix that with Mother's Day and you have a winning combination.

Between the flowers and the amazing ladies, we had the best time sharing tips on how to keep cut flowers fresh, the benefit of taping a vase before creating an arrangement, the difference between fillers, thrillers and spillers, how to strip stems, keep lilacs thriving after they're cut and so much more.

The best part about these workshops is that everyone gets to create their own masterpiece - there is no wrong way to arrange flowers!

Floral Workshop