The Mini Barn

backyard shed to mini barn.png

The Mini Barn is done!

Well, the outside is ;)

We'll be converting the inside into a chicken coop with plans to get chickens in the spring. We're like new parents! We need time to get ready for the little peeps. Actually, Aaron had surgery on his knee and is 100% laid up and not allowed to build things currently, serious bummer.

So, while we wait for his knee to heal and we dream about having fresh chicken eggs in our own yard...lets talk about this poor sad shed! We aren't sure how old it is since it was here when we moved in 4 years ago.

We do know it's old enough for the trim pieces to almost completely disintegrate, the doors to practically fall off their hinges, the roof to start leaking and a thick layer of moss to start growing on the roof.

We knew it was in bad shape - but was literally falling apart at the seems.

Here's the beauty before we started the work. Doesn't it look so sad! The kids gave it a good go putting a few coats of paint on - they just needed a little help to even it all out before more paint ended up on them instead of the shed.

You have to love DIY projects - it's the only project where you can spend 10x the amount of time to finish what a professional could complete in a day.

Aaron and I were laughing at how long it took us to do the roof, I'm pretty sure that the pros would have had the entire thing done in the time it took us to just rip off the old one.

That's not the point right? The satisfaction is in doing it yourself - I think.

It probably didn't help that it was about 90 degrees the day we were trying to finish it - wow, roofers, we have serious respect for you. Funniest part is this is the smallest roof, we really had nothing to whine about.

We'll have to give a little garden tour next time - not because the garden is doing anything too amazing this year -  but because this area of our yard is a completely different space than when we moved in. It was filled with hundreds of irises, zero garden boxes...and yes the old falling apart shed. Feels so good to have this project half way checked off the to do list this year.

High five to all you DIYer's and to all of you chicken parents - send us your best advice!

Shed to Mini Barn Remodel
Shed to Mini Barn Remodel
Shed to Mini Barn Remodel
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