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3 Ways to Turn Your Living Room into the Perfect Dinner Party

3 Ways to Turn Your Living Room into the Perfect Dinner Party

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Do you ever feel like you get stuck in how you see the stuff in your space? That footstool has been a footstool for so long that's all it could ever be. I know I tend to get stuck in our routines and the normal day to day that I stop seeing all of the possibilities right in front of us. So let's strip away the 'this is a chair for sitting, this is a footstool for feet' and see our spaces and things differently. Here are our favorite ways to transform any space ... especially our living room into the perfect dinner party location. 

1. Move It

You're going to be so glad you decided to host this dinner party. Because now you get to do that deep cleaning you've been thinking of ;) It's time to move the furniture either out of the space completely, or off to the sides. 

I know you don't normally put the couch flat against that wall - it's okay, it will make sense once you get your table set up! 

When we host a dinner in our living room I grab my husband or a friend and the day before the dinner we move as much of the smaller stuff as possible into our garage or another room. 

Now you have a blank slate to work with. Think through how big the table will be? Where will it work best? And leave as much space for people to mingle and sit around the edges in that couch against the wall.

2. Start Stacking

Now that you've dismantled your space. Look at the pieces with a new perspective. You'll want all of your chairs for the table. But what about any smaller side tables or footstools, little benches? I love using these smaller pieces on our Appetizer and Drink table to help create levels. 

What about any small boxes or crates you might have? They don't even need to be cute! Lots of times we drape fabric over random boxes or bins to create height on a table and no one is the wiser. 

Filling your appetizer and drink area with the glasses, mugs, appetizer plates and food will create  color and warmth which is good - you won't even need very much decor added to fill it out.

But since you've 'undecorated' your living room already - look at your little knick knacks and books and use those to add something interesting as decor for the table.


3. Light it Up

Lighting is key! If needed, leave a few lamps around the edges of the room, but fill the rest of the space with candles.

Raid your closets and pantry. Take them out of the other spaces in your home and fill the appetizer table, dinner table and windowsills with candles. Leave lights on in other rooms of the house if needed but the goal is to create an atmosphere of warmth and just a bit of magic. 

People expect to come sit in your dining room - they rarely expect to be greeted by a full dinner set up in another space. 

And that's what we're all about. Finding ways to take the every day normal and see it in a new way.

Let's focus less on having the perfect space and more on using it to it's full potential. Enough of just keeping it clean, and putting things away - let's USE it to bring our people together! 

Do you want more hosting tips? Click here to get our full How to Host a Dinner that Makes a Difference Guide

Want even more details on how to fill your table? Check out our book Dinner Changes Everything. We filled it with our own menus, recipes and loads of tips and timelines to help you host your next dinner!


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