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Spring Freedom Dinner

Spring Freedom Dinner

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Gathering our community for Freedom Dinners has become one of our favorite things to do. Each dinner draws out new people, new donations, new menus and beauty. As you plan to host and gather your friends and family this spring, our hope is that our table will inspire you to fill yours.

Fill it with beauty created by those in your community. Fill it with flavors grown locally. Fill it with friends new and old and enjoy living life at a pace where you can sip and savor and enjoy the simple act of enjoying a meal together.

Need help planning! I wrote a book all about it! Dinner Changes Everything is packed with details to make it as easy as possible. It’s filled with menus, recipes, how-to tips and so many stories to inspire you to fill your table and invite your community in. It is powerful what we can do together.

Spring Dinner Menu

Tart Cherry Preserves, Brie & Dry Coppa Cracker Bites

Freshly Dug PNW Clam Chowder. with Baguettes

Smoked Salmon Linguini

Lemon Pepper Asparagus

Chocolate Ganache Filled Raspberry Topped Cupcakes for dessert!

Ciderpress Lane
Ciderpress Lane
Ciderpress Lane

Spring Decor

Now that you have the menu sorted, let’s fill your table with Spring Beauty!

After all of those long winter months it’s time to break out a new kind of greenery. No more fir and cedar. Harvest evergreen hedge growth like Laurel, Griselinia, or Viburnum. If you have access to wisteria vines, seeded ivy, or grapevines they make for incredible climbing installments.

With a few nails tacked strategically + green floral wire and a string of globe lights you’ll transform any space into a garden oasis.

Choosing flowers that are in season will brighten your table. Plus anytime you use seasonal options you will keep your costs much lower.

Ciderpress Lane

Check Your local markets. Most flower shops, even those in the grocery stores, are willing to order specific flowers for you. Just ask! Then you’ll be guaranteed to get the colors you want, plus they’ll keep them in the back fridge waiting for you to pick them up so they’ll be fresher than anything on display.

Looking for specific colors of candles? I’ve had the best luck on Amazon. These ‘lime sage green’ candles come in bundles of 12 and are truly dripless with a long burning life of around 8 hours

When setting your table add bits of color to each place setting

  • by printing a menu with similar colors,

  • creating place cards with pops of color and

  • napkins with just a hint of complimenting colors all help bring it together.

Having place cards makes for the easiest start to any dinner. No one needs to be guessing where they’ll be sitting. And it feels like a gift when you walk up to a table and see your name reserving a spot just for you.

Now it’s your turn!

Keep gathering your people and filling your tables. Here’s my Complete Guide to Hosting Your Own Freedom Dinner, plus I’m here to help! Comment below with any questions you might have, and tag me @kellywelk on instagram so I can join in your dinner party fun! Let’s create some beauty together.

*photography by Saleina Marie

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