Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher


“This book couldn’t of come at a better time for me!” — Kristal

“I love the way you unpack the concept of having a dream. Dreams are not necessarily these huge monstrosities, these are the dreams we’re fed in this culture - that if you don’t dream big then you’re selling yourself short, but dreams actually start small.” — Paige

Dreaming is not for the faint of heart. It takes every ounce of our attention and focus to hear what our hearts are saying and then a whole lot of courage to go after it. How do you make space to listen? And even more so, how do you find the courage to step toward the dream?

Dream Catcher breaks all of this down. Let’s pull the dreams down to earth, break them down into tiny steps and then create a life that allows them to happen.

This book is the guided journal that Kelly wrote for herself as she waded through and stumbled along the path to uncovering her own dream, and now you get to dive in together. Like friends meeting for coffee Kelly walks you through every step, from finding your dream, bringing it to life and using it to love on people.

We believe everyone should have the freedom to dream. Together we are giving more women the freedom to do so. 10% of all book sales are donated to Rescue:Freedom International, an organization that fights human trafficking.

If you want to be apart of a group of women chasing after their dreams make sure to sign up for dreamcatchercommunity.com.

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