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A Simple Blanket Scarf Christmas Table

A Simple Blanket Scarf Christmas Table

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Last night we hosted our Christmas Feastival and filled our table with the people behind the Dinners at CiderPress Lane and our new book Dinner Changes Everything.

It isn't very often that we all get to simply sit and enjoy a meal together. So we did up big and created this simple blanket scarf Christmas table.

The best part about this is that you probably have everything you need to recreate it! Just head to your hall closet, kitchen cupboards and back yard.

Here are all of the details!

First you'll need your blanket scarf.

I WEAR the scarves we used on the tables so I wanted to make sure that we didn't get any wax on them.

We put the candles in holders that would catch any dripping wax and used an assortment of different size jars for the tea lights and votive candles. Clean out jam, pickle, baby food and olive jars to get a variety of sizes.

For the greenery, I have a few special bushes that I like to cut from for winter tables. They are a type of juniper. They're fluffy and have a silvery look to them.

Any greenery will work, the trick is to find ones that have some depth to them. You want them to have a little bit of height. Steer away from only using cedar since it lays flat. You can mix cedar in with other cuttings that will help give it depth.

When it comes to creating the centerpiece, I try to keep everything on the shorter side so you can see over and around it.

If you're filling your table with people then you want to make sure they can see each other, it's amazing how that helps create a nicer space to talk ;)

For the napkins, I used a light cotton muslin and ripped them instead of cutting the fabric so the edges are nice and rustic. You can find muslin for around $2 a yard at most fabric stores, and each yard makes 8 napkins. Which means these napkins are about .50 each.

Everything for the name cards was straight from the Target dollar section - you can easily create them by finding mini trees and gift tags that compliment your scarf colors. You could also create a similar look by tying a gift tag to a small cutting of greenery.

Have fun creating a beautiful table this Christmas, it will invite your guests into community in a way that no words can. We love seeing what you create! So tag us and lets share the adventure of Dinner together.


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